Over the past 25 years, Michele has taught numerous courses covering many books of the Bible and many topics. A great number of those studies are now being systematically filmed, edited and prepared for publication. The first studies, Ephesians and Hebrews, are now available. Three other studies will be released soon— Glimpses of Grace, Daniel, and Jesus Messiah (a study of the Gospel of John.) Each available study includes a digital video of Michele’s teaching session that will be added to your personal library for immediate viewing.


Saved by Grace, Living in Power

The people of the church at ancient Ephesus were very much like us today, and the letter the Apostle Paul wrote to them is just as relevant to our lives as to theirs. Ephesians reveals the transforming power of Christ, making ones who were once darkness into light in the Lord. This brief but potent epistle teaches us who we truly are in Christ and how we can live worthy of our calling in all our relationships and circumstances.

Digital videos will be added to your library for immediate viewing.

Individual lessons & Bible Study Guide


Draw Near… Hold Firm… Run with Perseverance

Hebrews is a foundational book of Scripture, one that every Christian should understand. It reveals that Jesus is unsurpassed! All of the Old Testament worship practices pointed to Him, the one born to die as our guiltless substitute. In Hebrews we see the bridge formed between the Old and New Testaments as we discover how the Old Testament shadows are fulfilled and brought to life in Jesus, the Lamb of God. Hebrews also introduces Jesus as our Great High Priest and helps us learn about how to draw near to Him, hold firm in faith, and run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

Digital videos will be added to your library for immediate viewing.

Individual lessons & Bible Study Guide

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Glimpses of Grace

Six Eye-Opening Studies in the Old Testament
There is an all-too-common misconception that the God revealed in the Old Testament was not kind or compassionate. The opposite is true, and in this six-lesson study we see glimpses of grace in the lives and experiences of several Old Testament characters. In each one we find something entirely relevant to our own lives and our own walk with the Lord, and we learn the reality of His grace at work in us.

Jesus Messiah (Gospel of John)

Lamb of God, Light of the World
Only Jesus the Messiah can bring salvation to mankind. He is the Light that shines in our darkness. He is the Lamb of God, sacrificed as our substitute and reconciling us to the Father. The Gospel of John reveals Jesus as the one who is full of both grace and truth, who meets us where we are, and loves us beyond measure. Yet He calls us to live a life transformed by His power. Irrespective of our circumstances, our age or stage of spiritual growth, this study helps us to know Christ more deeply and enables us to share the Good News more effectively with others.


Integrity in Tough Times
The Old Testament Prophet Daniel held steadfast and faithful to God despite his circumstances. So can we! While living in Babylon, Daniel not only prophesied concerning the end times that are still yet to come, he also showed us how to stay faithful to God even in an unreceptive and often intolerant culture. He stood with integrity, consistently placing God above his circumstances as he clearly pointed to the Messiah, the Promised One who was to come. This study deals with prophetic events, yet it has solid application as to how we live out our faith today.