Letters of Paul - Colossians


Individual lessons & Bible Study Guide

We begin in the book of Colossians as Paul describes the supremacy of Christ and what affect He has on our lives.

The second in our Colossians series we discover that Paul viewed his suffering as a privilege rather than a punishment! His whole life was committed to serving Christ in the places that God put him and to seeing believers grow in their faith whether he'd met them or not. He knew that his witness to others mattered for eternity!

In Colossians 3 Paul speaks to believers about the things of the past that we're to let go of and the traits of the new life in Christ that we are to pick up! Our love for Jesus is to not only change us, it is also to transform even our closest relationships!

Colossians 4 concludes Paul's letter to the church in that city and it ties in with another letter Paul sent to Philemon about his runaway slave Onesimus who had recently come to Christ when Paul shared the Gospel with him in prison providing us with a fascinating illustration of how the love and grace of God is to change our relationships.