God’s Choice for a Time Like This

Individual lessons & Bible Study Guide

When God seems to have abandoned us

Jeremiah 29:414 and Esther 1:1—2:9. Jeremiah 29:4-14 and Esther 1:1—2:9. Learn what happens when the young Jewish woman Esther has her life upended by the powerful Persian ruler Xerxes. What awaits her in the palace? What will her future look like?

When integrity gets us into trouble 

Esther 1:10—4:3 Esther and Mordecai save King Xerxes from an assassination plot but receive no recognition for their faithfulness. Xerxes does, however, promote the wicked Haman — enemy of the Jews — to rule over his affairs; and it is not long before Haman schemes to destroy Mordecai and all his people.

When risk is rewarded 

Esther 4:4—7:10. Esther risks her life to plead for her people. How will a delay and the king’s insomnia play into God’s plan of salvation for His people? Will the pride of Haman be his undoing? Join us for this episode of “Esther … God’s Choice for a Time Like This!

When Sorrow is turned into joy

Esther 8:1—10:3. As our story concludes in great triumph for God’s people, we see how the Living God is at work even in the darkest of times and that He is able to use even the most unlikely people to accomplish His purposes.