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God’s Voice to You in Psalms

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The God Who Sees You

Psalm 139 and Psalm 23. God is completely aware of the lives we lead. He knows what we do; but He also knows our thoughts. He is aware of our personalities and our temperaments, our strengths and weaknesses. Being known so thoroughly and watched over so carefully can sound uncomfortable, however David confirms in Psalm 23 that our loving Heavenly Father can be trusted. He watches over us rather like a shepherd watches over his sheep as he leads them to safety.

God our Faithful Protector

Psalm 91. God protects us. He draws us close to Himself, in the secret place near to His heart, and shelters us like a mother hen does her chicks. Because Christ has already won the victory against that old serpent Satan, we too will triumph over him and all his efforts to harm us. We aren’t promised a life of freedom from the enemy’s attacks but we are promised that God will answer when we call to Him. 

God our Helper

Psalm 121 and Psalm 84. Surely there will be mountains that we have to climb in life, but we do not have to travel the road alone! God will not let our foot slip, no matter how treacherous the path that we take. Though there will be valleys filled with tears, if we will but look to Him for help, He will use us — not in spite of what we have gone through, but because of it!

God our Refuge

Psalm 142, Psalm 57 and Psalm 34. These three Psalms were written as David hid in the Cave of Adullam or the Cave of Refuge. Although this was perhaps the most frustrating period in David’s life — in hindsight, it turned out to be one of the most fruitful, because all he learned there about himself and about the Lord made him the king God wanted him to be! God does some of His best work in the darkest moments of our lives!

The God Who Forgives

Psalm 51, Psalm 32 and Psalm 103. David knew what it was to suffer unjustly; but he also knew the pain of having to endure the consequences of his own sins and failures. These Psalms detail David’s repentance for sin and also God’s response. Like David we are to remember all that God has done for us and give wholehearted thanks for His love, goodness, compassion, forgiveness, and salvation.

God our Only Hope of Rest

Psalm 62, Psalm 73 and Psalm 131. Life can be hard. People and circumstances can come against us and cause us to doubt, to fear, to wobble a bit, perhaps. But when we come to understand who God is and as we seek understanding from Him, we begin to see everything around us more clearly. We have a fortress, a refuge we can run to; and as we put our trust in Him we can know true rest.